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September 26, 2017

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Identity Protection

Learn to Protect your Identity. It's easy and it's FREE!

Equifax data breach compromised the data of 143 million Americans and waited six weeks before it announced its massive breach. What can you possible due to help keep yourself protected in the event of these all to frequent data breaches?

Fortunately your benefits include access to "Control Your ID" this is FREE identity theft protection. You do not need to be an Anthem plan member to participate in this program. If you are an employee at the school, this service is free for you and/or anyone who lives in your household.

Control Your ID is the only identity theft protection company to be recommended by the credit reporting industry.

• This service is FREE
• Each year you can update your information.

How to register:
• visit, MAP
• Click on the login box under Members, on the left hand side of the page
• Enter, MEABT to login to the Member Assistance Program (MAP) homepage
• On the right side of the homepage select legal/financial
• Select "click here" to access legal and financial content
• This will take you to the "Control Your ID" content
• Follow the easy registration instructions to help you control you identity

As always, if you have any questions you may contact the 24/7 MAP at 855-686-5615. Identify yourself with MEA Benefits Trust and the customer service professional will be happy to assist you. Don't wait until your financial information is compromised register today!